Our refund policy: It’s really simple!

We’ll take back the order if the fault is on us. We will refund you the full amount if the below conditions are true:

  • Labels are mixed up;
  • Faulty on arrival;
  • Obvious Damage of unused Labels;
  • Labels have NOT been used in any way;
  • Original Packaging is there;
  • Requested the return within 30 days after confirmation of Labels shipped;
  • Labels are returned to us within 14 days of claim;
  • Return form is attached to your return

We also reserve the rights not to accept a request on refund ,if:

  • There are signs of product being used;
  • No signs of defect on labels

How to request for a refund?

1) Take a photo of the problem/defected labels and place the Labels back into the Original Packaging.
2) Contact us from contact us page, we will respond you back and provide you with further instruction.
3) Send the pictures back to our email address provided in the instruction.
4) We will then send you the form and you just need to follow the simple instructions on the form.

Simple, easy, no rocket science. Just good common sense.

Other Notes:
  • Refund will be processed within 10 days after we received the returned item(s)
  • Refund must be made by the original payment method you used (e.g. to the credit card you used for placing the order)