Iron-on label


Iron-on label

  • Sun proof
  • Water proof

Includes 128 labels

Dimension: 2.2 cm x 1.15 cm / 0.85 in x 0.45 in

Choose up to 5 different designs

No Care Tag on your clothing?

Our Iron On Labels can help! By simply ironing our labels onto any flat surface of your clothes, they will then securely stick on them even after many laundry times. These labels are great for small towels, socks, and any flat cloth materials.

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Price: $23.49
How to apply
  • Set iron to cotton or highest heat setting. No stream. Wait until fully heated.
  • Peel the label off from original packaging. Avoid touching the adhesive.
  • Place label in the desired position and put a pressing cloth (very thin piece of fabric) over the label
  • Iron got at least 60 seconds and allow the garment to cool down.

Wash the garment after 24 hours. Do not attempt to peel it off.