Stick-on clothing


Stick-on clothing

  • Sun proof
  • Water proof

Includes 128 labels

Dimension: 2.2 cm x 1.15 cm / 0.85 in x 0.45 in

Choose up to 5 different designs

No iron or sewing is needed!

Our Stick On Labels are designed with materials that are special for its durability in the washing and drying machines; unlike regular labels, our Stick On Labels are more durable on your clothing.

Amazingly, they become stickier on your clothes after a few more wash! These labels allow you to peel off and easily apply onto the care tags of your clothes, mittens, towels, plush toys and more. Enjoy the convenient and time saved with our Stick On Labels!

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Price: $26.99
How to apply
  • Make sure your garment is completely dry
  • Peel the label off from original packaging. Avoid touching the adhesive.
  • We recommend to stick the label on the clothing care tag (wash-care instruction label) for long-lasting stickiness
  • Apply pressure on the label for at least 10 seconds

Wash the garment after 24 hours.
Do not attempt to peel it off.
Our stick on labels doubles its stickiness after 10 days and doubles it again after 30 days.