10 magical places in your home for elf on the shelf to hide

Article by Julia Peterson - Thu, Oct 26, 23

10 magical places in your home for elf on the shelf to hide

Once upon a time, in the enchanting realm of the North Pole, there lived a special scout elf named Twinkle. Twinkle's mission, like all scout elves, was to watch over children during the day and report back to Santa Claus at night, helping him determine who deserved a spot on the Nice List. And so, the tradition of Elf on the Shelf began, bringing a sprinkle of Christmas magic into countless homes around the world.

Every December, our family eagerly awaits Twinkle's return. The excitement in the air is palpable as we prepare to embark on a month-long adventure filled with fun, surprises, and lots of giggles. But where, oh where, will Twinkle hide next? If you're looking for fresh and imaginative hiding places for your Elf on the Shelf, look no further. We've got a list of magical spots that'll keep the wonder alive throughout the holiday season.

1. The Christmas Tree Wonderland

As soon as Twinkle arrives, he loves to make a grand entrance by perching himself among the branches of our Christmas tree if you have it set up on time. It's the perfect spot for him to oversee the holiday preparations and remind us that Santa is watching. Each morning, the kids excitedly race to find Twinkle nestled in the tree, keeping an eye on their festive behavior.

2. Baking Magic in the Kitchen

Elves love to sneak into the kitchen, especially during the holiday season when the scent of freshly baked treats fills the air. Twinkle has been known to hide amidst the cookie cutters or perch on a jar of sprinkles. It's a delightful way to inspire some family baking sessions and create sweet memories.

3. Storytime with Twinkle

One of our favorite hiding places is on the bookshelf, right next to the children's favorite Christmas books. This provides the perfect opportunity for a cozy, story-filled evening. Gather the little ones around, and let Twinkle be your storyteller. It's a heartwarming way to emphasize the joy of reading during the holidays.

4. Reindeer Adventures

Twinkle often takes mini adventures on our toy reindeer or the children's stuffed animals. One morning, he might be riding high on Rudolph's back, and the next day, he'll be spotted cruising in a miniature sleigh. It's a delightful way to encourage imaginative play and holiday-themed adventures.

5. Santa's Little Helper

Our elf occasionally takes on the role of Santa's little helper by setting up surprise gift-wrapping stations. We find him amidst rolls of wrapping paper and stacks of bows, ready to lend a hand to the busy gift-wrapping team. It's a fun way to get the kids involved in gift-giving and spreading holiday cheer.

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6. Creative Craft Corner

On days when we have holiday craft activities planned, Twinkle likes to take a front-row seat in the craft corner. Whether it's by the glue and glitter or nestled among the colored pencils, his presence is a wonderful way to spark creativity in the children and encourage them to craft Christmas decorations and handmade gifts.

7. The Top of Door Shelf

What’s better than an Elf looking over to the kids and reminding them to behave right at the top of the entrance way? It’s a great place to remind our kids to put away their things in the right spots once they get home and gain those habits even after Christmas.

8. Winter Wonderland Windowsill

When the world outside is blanketed in snow, Twinkle often finds a cozy spot by the windowsill. He watches the snowflakes fall and sometimes leaves tiny snow angel imprints on the windowsill, sparking the kids' imaginations and inviting them to explore the winter wonderland outdoors.

9. Elf Yoga in the Living Room

One of the most whimsical hiding places is when Twinkle decides to engage in elf yoga. We find him in various yoga poses in the living room - doing downward dog on the coffee table, or even attempting a handstand on the couch. It's a fun way to encourage the kids to stay active and limber, even during the holiday season.

10. Tinsel Togetherness

As Christmas Day draws near, Twinkle moves to a central location in the house. He might be found in the middle of the dining table, surrounded by tinsel, ornaments, and the excitement of the impending holiday. This signifies the culmination of our magical Elf on the Shelf journey and brings the family together as we prepare for the most special day of the year.

And so, our Elf on the Shelf, Twinkle, weaves his magical tale throughout our home, encouraging holiday spirit, togetherness, and creativity. With a dash of imagination, a pinch of wonder, and a sprinkle of love, you too can create an unforgettable Christmas season with your scout elf. May your home be filled with the joy and magic of the holidays, and may your hearts be as warm as Twinkle's mischievous smile.

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