Get ready for an amazing Eclipse Adventure in Ontario!

Article by Franco Carnevale - Thu, Apr 04, 24

Get ready for an amazing Eclipse Adventure in Ontario!

Mark your calendar - April 8th, 2024 is the eclipse right in our backyard, Ontarians!

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world experience? That's right, it's like the sun and the moon are playing hide and seek, and we get to watch the show. The last total eclipse to grace the skies in Canada happened in 1979, in Northern Ontario. That’s 44 years ago!

Get ready for an amazing Eclipse Adventure in Ontario!

Total Eclipse Watching Safety

But hold your horses! Before we jump into the excitement, let's talk about safety first. Just like wearing a helmet when riding your bike, we need to protect our eyes during an eclipse. Looking directly at the sun can hurt our eyes, so we'll need special glasses to keep them safe. These glasses are like super sunglasses made for watching eclipses, so make sure that they have stated “ISO 12312-2” and have an authentic ISO certification label on them. You can find them at some stores or even online. Remember, safety first, sky-watchers!

Locations to Watch the Total Eclipse

Now, let's talk about where we can catch this amazing eclipse. Ontario is a big place, but don't worry, we've got some awesome spots lined up. If you are looking for a Total 100% eclipse watching experience, the Niagara Falls and Hamilton areas are the best as they are within the path of the eclipse. Please note that Niagara Falls, Ontario has already declared a state of emergency due to an expected 1 million visitors on the same day, same time to the area for eclipse watching. There are also posts saying the areas are now charging $100 per hour for parking and $800 per night for hotels.

Here is the live update of the where and when of the total eclipse from NASA:

There are other choices around Niagara Falls that can also see a Total eclipse, like Hamilton and surrounding towns. You can refer to the live map for the details. For the GTA area, it will be a partial eclipse, but we are expecting over 99% coverage, so find an open field in the park and it’ll still be a great experience if you don’t want to bother with a long drive.

Time of the Eclipse

But wait, when's the best time to catch the eclipse? Well, mark your calendars because the eclipse is going to happen in the afternoon. The eclipse will start around 2:00 PM EST and reach its peak at around 3:20 PM. The totality usually lasts for around 3-minute. From the beginning to end of the eclipse will last for around 2.5 hours, so expect the partial ends at 4:30 PM EST.

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School Early Dismissal

If you are living in Ontario, you may already receive school emails about early dismissal. Remember to pick the kids up early with some having a 12 PM dismissal and some having 12:30 PM dismissal. This definitely could be a once in a lifetime experience, inviting friends and family to watch the eclipse together – it'll be like a mini space adventure right here on Earth!

Get your eclipse glasses ready, pick out your favorite park, and get ready for an unforgettable experience on April 8th. Remember, stay safe, have fun, and keep your eyes on the sky!

Oh, one last note! Phone cameras are not designed for taking pictures of the sun. Even though there is an eclipse and most of the sun has been covered, it can still burn your camera if you are taking a direct photo of the sun.

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