How to entertain your kids during and after March break?

Article by Julia Peterson - Sun, Mar 15, 20

How to entertain your kids during and after March break?


With COVID-19 hitting us hard now in North America, Ontario has announced for school closure for two more weeks after March break. Because of the COVID-19, a lot of planned trips have been cancelled and attractions are also closed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Many parents have been worrying of what March break activities we can do with the kids plus the two weeks long extension. LabelBubble has done some research and here are some online ideas that are suitable for anyone within Canada or globally, or just for Ontarians. 

Virtual Tours

With the closures of libraries, zoos, and many other museums, we are really stuck at home for the whole three weeks. No need to worry even if you have to avoid the virus or self-quarantine for 14 days, you can now enjoy 12 famous museums through virtual tours to make this three-week holiday educational and cultural. Google Arts & Culture is partnering with museums throughout the world from London in the United Kingdom to Seoul in Korea to offer virtual tours online. Your kids can learn the different culture and arts from around the world on the sofa.

Here is the list of 12 museums: 

 How to entertain your kids during and after March break?

If this list can’t last for three weeks, don’t worry! Google Art & Culture actually offers over 3,000 street views for museums all over the world and you can explore them at

A trip to Europe

While you probably cancelled your flights to Europe, why not visit Europe right here in Ontario? How? Let us guide you through here. 

You can begin your trip from Brussels → Lisbon → Cambridge → Paris → Vienna → Serville → Copenhagen → London → Stratford to end it. This route takes 5 hours according to Google map and there are nice restaurants and interesting places to visit in between the stops too.

We do highly recommend staying home to avoid COVID-19 and you can enjoy a little drive and outdoor activities at these stops. 

How to entertain your kids during and after March break?

Movie Time

Thanks to technology and Smart TV! We can watch tons of movies and tv shows from the comfort of your home. You probably already subscribe to NETFLIX, but Disney movies are always the rescue to us parents. Disney+ is premiering Frozen 2 early! 

The release date has been updated to be March 17, 2020 in Canada. It’s time to subscribe to Disney+ now if you haven’t. 

How to entertain your kids during and after March break?

Indoor Activities

There are many indoor activities that can be designed using cardbox (diaper boxes), tapes, plastic wraps, and/or ziplock bags. Here are some ideas: 

  • Sensory box - feel free to fill a box with coloured rice, pasta, beans, sand, or anything you can think of to let your little one touch, hear, and explore with their sensory for hours.
  • Coloured clay - if you want them to play with clay without making a mess, you can try to put the clay/ coloured flour into a ziplock bag and tape it on the window or glass door. Kids just can’t stop squeezing on them. 
  • Taped exercise - tape a few lines on the floor and let them jump between the lines. You can also tape the numbers out for Hopscotch or tape between the doors and create a spider web for ball catching. 

There are more ideas to keep the little one busy and feel free to share your ideas with us at our social posts. 

Online Shopping

Make sure to relax from time to time while you spend most of your time taking care of the little one. Shopping is always one of the ways to release some stress. It’ll become the trend now as most of the people are staying at home. While you are shopping online, please remember to put to your shopping list. :) 

One last thing that LabelBubble would like to remind everyone, do wash your hands often to prevent any germs and virus. A 20-second is needed to ensure all germs are washed away, so let’s sing Happy Birthday song or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when your kids are washing their hands.

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