Top 5 reasons parents should purchase name labels

Article by Julia Peterson - Wed, Feb 26, 20

Top 5 reasons parents should purchase name labels


For parents who have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacing school items each year, they can properly list out more than 5 reasons to not forget in buying name labels for their kids. As parents, we start to find Name Labels for kids have becoming a necessity as backpack or pencils in their school items. School is also suggesting parents to label their kids’ items and here are the top 5 reasons: 

Hard to Find “Good” Replacement

We all start our “Back to School” shopping in August, some may have started early, say in July. Why? It’s because all those big stores have their seasonal items out at that time, so that we can easily find all the items we want at a very happy price. Seldomly, we’ll bring our kids along where they can pick the things they like in specific styles and colours. If the items are being misplaced or lost without a name label on it during the school year, it could be difficult to find them again in the store. Our favourite items may already be out of stock to make rooms for other seasonal items, like Christmas, Easter, and etc. You may be lucky to find them online, but the chances are lower than finding it back with the name label on the item (more expensive!). 

Don’t make your kids Upset

As we discussed above, kids got very excited about the new items they have for school. Definitely, they’ll feel guilty and upset if they have lost them. If we have a name label on the items, there are high hopes to locate them back in school. It is always a good feeling to retrieve something back that you liked so much, and I bet we’ve all been there. Also, they won’t feel as guilty if we have all tried our best to secure the items by putting name labels on them.

Popular Items just look the same

How many times have you seen another kid wearing the same jacket, shoes as yours on the street? Have you seen your friend pulling out the exact same water bottle out at a gathering? Everyone loves the best items of items that are on sale, so it ends up that we would be getting the same items with the same favourite characters on them. That’s why we have to label our kids’ items from water bottles, pens, shoes, pants, and many more items. 

Customize your labels with style

Kids are Kids!

I have heard friends telling me that he/she has a very organized kid and rarely (not Never) loses stuff. If you have a kid like that, I feel super happy for you. Unfortunately, most of us don’t. I have lost count of how many gloves that I have lost in the last two years for my two kids before I have started this labelling business. If you have seen the Lost & Found section at school, you will understand how difficult it is to try locating a glove, a hat, or any other items in that. It’s harder than finding the right shoe size at a warehouse sale! Let’s us Parents do the organization and label their items, so that we can increase our chance in finding the lost items.

SAVE Money

At the end of the day, purchasing Name Labels for kids would only cost you around $30 or even less for a pack of 50+ name labels. You can apply them on a variety of items. If the chances of getting an item back with a name label on it is 30%, you are already saving the money of that item. Depending on how much the item costs you, there are also opportunity costs involved with being unable to get the item back, like time spent in trying to find it (much harder), shopping (physically/online) to get replacement, comforting an upset kid, or an argument between you and your partner of not buying name labels earlier :).

Being Parents is a tough job. Time has become much treasure to us after having kids. Therefore, getting a name label is really a solution to save you time and money with a happy kid at home. We are here for all your labelling needs with our own unique icon designs. Let us know your top 5 reasons to get a name label for your kid on our social post. 

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