Evaluating the 5 types to purchase name labels for school

Article by Julia Peterson - Fri, Apr 28, 23

Evaluating the 5 types to purchase name labels for school


A set of high quality, durable name labels are set for a good and worry-free school year for parents. We have evaluated the most popular types name labels among parents and listed out the pros and cons of each for you to reference while doing your research. Let’s get started, so we can cross out one item off our “back-to-school” list!

1. DIY labels

With Circuit being more popular these days, some parents may choose to make their own name labels for their kids. It’s convenient, fast, and customizable. You can easily have your own design and do it at home, especially when you need labels last minute. However, you will have to be careful of the paper and ink used on these specialized labels.There are special papers and ink to produce these labels to be water-proof, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe because they are used on water bottles, lunch boxes, and etc. With the regular label making Circuit paper and ink, they may be good for kitchen storage labeling but not so much for kids and school. DIY labels are not suitable for clothing.

2. Write-on labels

Many stores sell the labels that are pre-designed with blank space for you to easily fill in names on the labels. It’s definitely convenient and you can use the same order for different names between your kids when you have a good hand writing skill. This is a more cost-efficient way to purchase and write your own name labels.

The only downside is that the pen that you are using must be water-proof to make sure that the names are staying on after a few wash. Most of the write-on labels are only for hard shell and plastic items and are not designed for clothes surfaces.

3. Customized name labels

You can also order name labels that are customized for your kids with unique icon designs. The quality of these name labels are higher than the first two options because the names are printed with a special process to ensure the names and labels stay on. The other advantage of the customized name labels is that they are always sold in combos or packs, so that you can have different sizes of labels plus the clothing name labels. The clothing name labels are printed with specialty paper just for clothing or clothing tags, so they will stay on stronger even after washing and drying.

Customized name labels also have its disadvantage, which is more expensive than other label types because of its quality and the unique icon design.

Want to explore customized name label combos? Take me there →

4. Name tags

There are new design of name tags you can use on shoes or clothing. They don’t have adhesive, so that you don’t have to worry about it being washed out and falling off like the other labels. They would be specifically designed for shoes and bags, maybe clothing, but it may not be that comfortable for the kids because the labels hang around the clothing tag area (at the back neck). The price of these for shipping is also higher than regular name labels, so this would be something to put into consideration before placing an order.

5. Name stamps

These are good for clothing, and they don’t wash out easily. The price is also at a reasonable range with many times of use. Since they are not easily washed out, you may not be able to resale or donate the clothes after your kids have outgrown them. With regular name labels, you can use different ways to take them off before passing them on. You can find out more from our “How to remove clothing name labels” blog. In addition, when you use the name stamp, please make sure to cover the lid properly and avoid them to dry out. Right before the school year begins, you should always check if they have already dried out and need to buy a new one.

Each type of label has its pros and cons. The most economic way would be combining the pre-designed hand-writing labels plus the label stamp. But, if you are looking for higher quality and less work for you, customized name labels are definitely the way to go. You’ll have all types of name labels at once in your order. Check them out now →

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