How to remove clothing name labels

Article by Franco Carnevale - Wed, Feb 23, 22


I’ve come to the question of whether I should put this topic into our FAQs, or create a blog for it, and here we are, a blog it is. A blog is more appropriate to show you how to remove clothing name labels because we will add some photos to give you a better idea on how easy it is.

There are some reasons our customers have mentioned why they want to remove the name labels. The most common ones are removing them before donating the clothes and need to remove the name labels of the older kids and stick the new ones for the younger.With that said, clothing labels are designed to securely stick onto clothing tags, so they are not easily peeled off even in the washer and dryer.

LabelBubble has prepared a few options to provide you the steps to remove clothing name labels, and feel free to try out the ones that work for you.

1. Peel it off

I know I’ve just said that it’s not easy to be peeled off, but sometimes they do. If it can be peeled off, it’ll save you some time from the below steps that I am going to list out. Since the materials for the clothing labels are designed to be waterproof and heatproof, they become more secure after a few washes, but you can still take them off with a harder pull with your fingers. It is not recommended if you still want the labels to be stuck on.

2. Iron-on clothing labels

It’ll take a bit of effort to take the iron-on clothing label off. You’ll need an iron, parchment or baking paper and a tweezer. First, placing the parchment/baking paper on top of the label, then iron on for approximately 10-second. You may try to take the label out with the tweezer. These steps are pretty similar to the ones when you are ironing on the clothing labels in the first place, but a bit shorter in time. If you can’t take it off with the first try, please do try ironing it again to relieve more heat from the labels.

3. Stick-on clothing labels

You may be able to peel it off easier than Iron-on labels as they are stuck on the clothing tags. If you can’t peel it off easily or you would like to ensure no sticky marks are left on the tags, you may try using some warm vinegar with a cotton to soak on the label before trying to take it off.

The two types of labels are meant for different purposes while iron-on clothing labels are for clothes that don’t have a tag, such as socks, masks while stick-on clothing labels are best for shorts, pants, etc. If you would like to learn more about the differences between the two kinds of labels, feel free to read further on our blog “Iron-On labels vs. Stick-On labels for clothing”.

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