Iron-On labels vs. Stick-On labels for clothing

Article by Julia Peterson - Thu, Aug 06, 20

Iron-On labels vs. Stick-On labels for clothing


When choosing your clothing labels for school and day care, we always receive questions from our customers if they should choose Iron-On or Stick-On labels for clothing. The price difference at is only CA$3, and CA$2 to upgrade from Iron-On to Stick-On clothing labels if you purchase our packs. It looks like a no-brainer for the choice of labels for most of the parents. Here we’ll explain how to apply each type of the clothing labels, so you can make a better choice if the extra dollars spent are worth the upgrade.

What are the benefits of Clothing Labels?

LabelBubble’s mission is to offer durable labels with exclusive designed icons and multiple choices in the same type of labels, and yet affordable to all parents. Our business is inspired by our kids because like most parents with school aged kids, we have spent extra money to replace the items that our kids have lost. We need name labels so bad to differentiate every item that the kids bring to school and can locate them back from the lost and found section at school.

When it comes to clothing, I personally love shopping at Costco, Walmart and the Gap for my kids’ clothing. Unfortunately, my kid classmates’ parents too. I love Costco's snowsuit for my toddler boys and I have seen at least 3 of my sons’ classmates have the same snowsuit in the same colour in the same class. They are easily mixed up and I bet that there are probably 10x more of the same snowsuit in the school. Therefore, clothing labels have become extra important for parents to make sure popular clothing is labelled.

So, as a parent, how do you choose when you are purchasing a clothing label? Iron-On? Or Stick-On?

Customize your labels with style

Stick-On Clothing Labels

As the name stated, Stick-On labels are super easy to apply. It’s exactly the same as all other name labels that you only need to peel it off and apply them on the clothing tags. We highly recommend you to apply the Stick-On Clothing Labels that sold at LabelBubble on the clothing tags to ensure they last as long as possible.

The most amazing part of our Stick-On clothing labels is that they stick on the tags stronger after a few washings.

Iron-On Clothing Labels

I have parents come to us and ask, why would you need Iron-On Clothing labels these days when you have Stick-On labels? The extra time needed to iron the labels on each clothing becomes leisure to all parents. Yes, we totally agree with you, then why LabelBubble still sells iron-On labels?

While the Stick-On labels work best on the clothing tags, Iron-On labels work more securely on fabrics in comparison to Stick-On labels. Therefore, you can iron the labels onto any flat surface of your clothes, like towels, socks, and mittens. When applying the Iron-On clothing labels, please put a pressing cloth (very thin piece of fabric) over the label for around 60 seconds.

Which label is better?

As mentioned, if you wish to spend an extra CA$2 to CA$3, please do because it would save you at least 3,840 seconds (60 seconds x 64 labels). However, if you do want to label smaller items, like handkerchiefs, socks, etc, you can buy a set of Iron-On labels to make sure all items are labelled well. Note that Stick-On labels can still be applied onto the clothes itself, just that clothing tags are more recommended.

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