How would lockdown affect your kids this Christmas?

Article by Franco Carnevale - Thu, Dec 10, 20

How would lockdown affect your kids this Christmas?


Most of the countries in the world and provinces in Canada are having a record high of Covid-19 confirmed cases. We are in the beginning of December, and Christmas is just less than three weeks away. While we still have hopes that things will get better, we should prepare a “NO” Christmas party and gathering for the kids this year. How can we keep the Christmas spirit up for our kids during this tough year? Here are some ideas LabelBubble would like to share with you and hope we can give the kids a fun and very merry Christmas!

Virtual Santa Story time

Check your Facebook and you should see under the “Event” category that there are tons of virtual Santa story times in December. Join all of them for Santa to tell them all about the North Pole, the Elfs, and the Reindeers! With live story time, you can even message Santa for your kids to ask him questions and tell Santa what they want for this year for Christmas.

Another event that everyone is booking online is the drive-thru light show around different cities. There are paid events that you can book in-advanced, like Holiday Nights of lights in Concord, Ontario. You can still get up to 20% off on specific days at discounted websites.

There are also some Santa Claus parades drive-thru happening in different towns. If you missed any of them, we know that Stuoffville in Markham that had their parade on Dec 5th, will be posting a video of theirs on Dec 12, 2020. You can search on their Facebook for more details.

How would lockdown affect your kids this Christmas?

Mini Christmas Photo Session

You may not be able to hire a professional to do your mini photo session this year, but there is no excuse to not dress up as a matching family this year. Do it yourself! Set up your beautiful Christmas Tree and outdoor decoration (you may want to bring some indoor if it’s too cold), and order a backdrop from Amazon with a Christmas theme to take beautiful photos with the little ones.

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Virtual Christmas Party

In Ontario, the gathering limit is 5 people indoors and we are not foreseeing the government to increase this limit any time soon. With that said, Christmas parties with friends and family (not living in the same household) would not happen this year. It’s time to prepare a virtual one! With Zooms or Google hangout, you can easily invite families and friends even outside of Canada by dressing up your ugly sweaters and showcasing your Christmas dinner. We can still cheer with wines and eggnog virtually, thanks to the technology we have today.

Virtual Christmas Party

Photo credit: The Chunky Chef

This year Christmas surely is tough. LabelBubble is wishing everyone to stay safe and healthy while still enjoying their Christmas at home with their loved ones. We hope these ideas are keeping our Christmas spirit up and making our stayed home period a little bit less boring. Merry Christmas to everyone from the LabelBubble Team.

Cover photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

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