LabelBubble Canada, donated Clothing Labels to school

Article by Rick Li - Wed, Mar 03, 21

LabelBubble Canada, donated Clothing Labels to school


Date March, 2021

LabelBubble is proud to donate around 570 labels to students at Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy in Toronto during the pandemic.

As parents ourselves, we feel for the kids that are in needs especially during the difficult time. Last year December, we have been reached out by a wonderful kindergarten teacher, Ms. Amanda Rickettes Fredrick at Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy in Toronto, in regards the needs of labels to the re-usable masks donated by the amazing Michael Garron hospital.

As the school is located at a Covid hotspot and one of the lowest socio-economic neighbourhoods, quality name labels are not affordable by the students nor the school unfortunately.

LabelBubble’s management team, who are also parents of young children, has immediately decided to donate our Iron-on labels to the school. Iron-on labels are the best for re-usable masks in comparison to stick-on labels, where they can be kept on after washes on cloth materials while stick-on labels can be secured stay-on clothing tags after washes.

It’s important for the safety for the kids when cases were rising everyday. Labelling our masks can prevent students mixing up their masks in class and spread the virus. We are glad that labels are delivered to Ms. Amanda on time and her hard work to iron 200 labels on the masks before school re-opening. LabelBubble wishes everyone stay healthy and safe!

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