Things to prepare for daycare reopening

Article by Ricardo Williams - Thu, Jun 25, 20

Things to prepare for daycare reopening


While we are at stage 2 for economy recovery in Ontario, our child care service is finally resumed and many parents are sending their children to daycare as they have to resume working at the offices or stores. Since we have been staying home with our kids since March, school sounds a bit too far from reality to us as parents. Have you forgotten what you need to prepare for school?

Don’t worry! Labelbubble is preparing a checklist for you to make sure you are well prepared for daycare reopening, plus some COVID-19 tips to ensure that your kids stay safe!

  • Extra set of spare clothing and a pair of shoes
  • Stay in school toys (recommend only 1 to 2)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Pillow & Blanket
  • Diapers (If applicable)
  • Bibs
  • Water bottles
  • Cutlery
  • Masks (depends on the school’s arrangement)
  • Teach them the COVID-19 rules:
    • Cover your sneeze and cough
    • Throw away your tissue/garbage
    • Wash your hands before & after eating, after sneezing and coughing, and after you have been outside.
  • Label your bring to school items, so they don’t mix up with others → Order Now!

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If you have yet to send your kids back to daycare, it is a valuable list to prepare some items when the kids are enjoying some outdoor activities. Remember to remind them to sing the 20-second hand washing song, like Happy Birthday or Little Twinkle Stars. Let’s pray for the best and allow us to enjoy the Summer!

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