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How to entertain your kids during and after March break?

With COVID-19 hitting us hard now in North America, Ontario has announced for school closure for two more weeks after March break. A lot of planned trips have been cancelled and attractions are also closed. LabelBubble has done some research and here are some online ideas for anyone within Canada...
Julia Peterson

Which water bottle is best for my Little One?

Since your little one starts drinking water from bottles, you probably have tried many different types of water bottles, from sippy cups, 360, to straw cups, and many other styles to get them drinking more water everyday. Is there a water bottle that is the best for the little one? Read the article and find out...
Ricardo Williams

The 10 commonly lost items at School's Lost & Found

If you have seen the Lost & Found section at school, you would agree with me that it’s like a treasure hunt when you have to look through it. Before reading on this article, take a guess now and see if the items you have in mind made it to any of our top 10 commonly lost items for most seen at School’s Lost and Found.
Franco Carnevale

Top 5 reasons parents should purchase name labels

For parents who have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacing school items each year, they can properly list out more than 5 reasons to not forget in buying name labels for their kids. LabelBubble has listed out the top 5 reasons we think parents should purchase name labels. What are your top 5?
Julia Peterson